How to Choose the Best Diabetic Dog Food

Consult your veterinarian about what is the most-suitable diabetic dog food for your pet.

As everyone knows diabetes might affect humans and dogs in similar way and type 1 diabetes is common form which is occur in dogs. When it comes to the signs of dog diabetes then it includes unexplained fatigue, maximized thirst, appetite chances, depression, chronic skin, yeast infections and fruity breath. Diabetic dog might require insulin injections and regular blood testing in order to remain healthy. While choosing the food for your dog, you must concern about certain factors such as:

  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Pre existing conditions
  • Breeds

Tips to choose the best diabetic dog food

In case your dog is suffering from diabetes related problems then you must talk with vet. This kind of the disease could be managed and monitored via various methods such as exercise, diet, regular monitoring, insulin treatment and so on. Diabetic dog food is really useful to regulate your pet condition without lots of medications. Based on your dog current state of health, you might or might not need to make adjustments to type of food which your dog eats. Not all dogs with diabetes might require special kind of the dog food or diet. When compared to commercial diets, raw feeding might allow for easier restriction of the sugars and carbohydrates. When compared to home cooking, raw feeing is less time consuming and much easier. Try to search online for diabetic dog food then you might find out best dog food. Raw feeding is really beneficial to some diabetic dogs because it is focused on feeding healthy and whole foods which can maximize your dog’s intake of vitamins and minimize chemicals and preservatives. Your veterinarian might be able to guide you in choosing treatment plan which might meet your dog’s requirements and budget. This plan might include diabetic dog food, chance in the activity level and medication.

Minimize Calories and Maximize Exercise

Natural treat options are available for diabetic dog food such as apples, carrots, broccoli, natural fish jerky, oatmeal based homemade treats, melon and so on. Weight plays a crucial role in the health of diabetic dog. For that reasons only diabetic dog food must be lower in fat and calories. Most of the dog owners are instructed to help their dog by minimizing calorie intake and maximizing exercise. In case your diabetic dog is required insulin shots then it is necessary to time these shots with your dog mealtimes.