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Uniquetechy is a free website with articles on the recent hot-shot innovations in the field of technology. As by the name, it combines the uniqueness of the techno-savvy geeks and presents with the well-researched articles on the current happenings in the world in the field of technology. One can visit the website and find a number of technical articles that not only satiates your hunger for technical knowledge but updates you with the recent happenings and makes you feel a part of the so-called technologically advanced world. This article details further on Uniquetechy articles and mention about some of the best articles that have ever surfaced on this website.

Some of the popular articles on Uniquetechy

Following are some of the articles in Uniquetechy that have garnered a huge public attraction and hence have had a large number of views and hits: –

  • Best free MMORPG games to play right now in 2018- This article speaks majorly about what Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game or MMORPG is and how it has faced a recent decline in its trend due to incoming of games like PUBG and Clash of Clans. To bring the craze back for these games, the makers have waived off the subscription fees that it used to levy earlier and hence became the prime reason for the loss of interest for these games among the online players. It then details further on some of the popular games of this category that have made successful comebacks and have slowly gained the pace of popularity in the recent times.
  • Android versions till 2018- This article details in a crisp matter about the concept of the evolvement of the Android market and how with time the Android versions have tried to become better and better. This details more about each of the Android versions, their features, advantages and how they lack when compared to their modified successors.
  • 15 Best free Antivirus programs 2018- This mentions about some of the authentic and best free Antivirus programs that have worked effectively in tackling the viruses and the detailed guidelines for installing them on the PCs. It also mentions how one can stay aloof of the fake links for such antivirus software.
  • Target HER Employee Login Portal- This details more about how to have a good employee management in terms of their target portals that mention their various parameters and how can the employer get benefitted from these.