The Oscars and the Perfections of the Oscars

Waiting to know winners and losers, we remember the many, beautiful films that have never been shortlisted by the Academy Awards members. The 90th edition of the Oscars is approaching: on the 4th of March in Los Angeles the endless movie star parade will plow the red carpet of the Dolby Theater in anxious waiting to know who will bring home the coveted recognition.

Never before this year, including race titles like The Post by Steven Spielberg, the epic Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan and the magnificent historical reconstruction of the darkest hour (Joe Wright) are real masterpieces: the poignant The Shape of Water (Guillermo del Toro) the feminine and brilliant Lady Bird (Greta Gerwig) the intricate and cerebral The hidden thread (Paul Thomas Anderson) the surprising revelation of Tre Manifesti in Ebbing, Missouri(Martin McDonagh) with Frances McDormand without forgetting the poetic story of the Italian director Luca Guadagnino that with Chiamami with your name has had 4 nominations.

Yes, 2018 is definitely an excellent year, but the members of the Academy, over time, have made some misjudgments by rewarding unremarkable and forgettable films ignoring real classics. Here is a list of amazing films that have never received an Oscar nomination but are now milestones of the seventh art, a perfect example of how the golden statuette was often short-sighted and not very farsighted. As you watch free free movies online, you would love to have a proper option for the watching them now.

Travel to Tokyo

Yasujirō Ozu is the Japanese director and screenwriter (1903 – 1963) most loved by film students for his symbolic charge and the stylistic grace of his works. Travel to Tokyo, without nomination as other works by the director, can be considered his most successful film and tells the poetic and melancholic adventure of two old married couple, Shūkichi and Tomi Hirayama who, from the deep province, go to visit the children who they live in the great metropolis.

Their frenetic daily life and lack of attention disorients the parents, unexpectedly welcomed and affectionately looked after by the daughter-in-law of the second-born, widowed, who will also be the only one to stop after the funeral of Tomi, who had accused an illness during the journey of return.

Modern times

Who does not know Charlie Chaplin? Charlot’s mask, the triumph of political satire with the amazing sneer of Hitler in The Great Dictator and an explosive comic talent, made this long-lived actor and director (1888 – 1977) an effigy of silent and modern cinema. He received two honorary Oscars in 1929 and 1972, a late and hypocritical compensation for the missed nominations of many of his films, beginning with the magnificent Modern Times (1936) in which we find Charlot, during the great American economic crisis between bolts and assembly of a factory where he works non-stop as a worker. From 123movies now get the best options for the same now.