What are all the attractive services you will get from Frasers Property?

If you are looking for the best residential condo or property to buy in Singapore, first of all you should need to find the best and leading property company. From among the various options, Frasers Property is the highly reliable and reputable company providing the Fraser Residence Promenade property near the central area of the Singapore river.

Different real estate services

Frasers Property usually offers a wide variety of the real estate services to all the buyers and at the same time it is engaged in 5 asset classes as follows.

  • Hospitality – This Frasers Property owner does a successful hospitality business which has the most powerful network throughout 80 various cities including several numbers of metropolitan cities. You can have the worldwide exotic destinations and discounted booking of rooms here with the high quality customer services.
  • Residential – This property owner in Singapore have actually established a wonderful network of the residential properties like Fraser Residence Promenade Frasers across ten various countries and offer apartments, duplexes, villas, multiplexes, bungalows and more.
  • Commercial & Business Park – It is renowned to offer the strategically located business parks and offices across their countries of operations.
  • Industrial & logistics – There are huge dedicated team of professionals available here to manage the logistics and industrial assets in an efficient manner for the customers.
  • Retail – They as well as offer the malls based on the client centric approach and have the unparalleled architecture and design.

Why should you invest in Frasers Property?

When considering the Frasers Property, it is the real estate market leader and well known for its condo property development & management. This Fraser Residence Promenade Singapore river is its latest development which will be located at the Zouk Site River Valley road. They are listed as the leading residential property developers and builders and have constructed several numbers of the popular Singapore malls at their credit.

This property owner already sold more than 90,000 condos and homes in only Singapore. There are also a plenty of abroad buyers for this Frasers Property. So, it is highly trusted and reputable choice to choose when you have a plan to buy a condo in Singapore. According to the current status, Frasers Property is considered to be the world leader of the property development and management along with the very strong property portfolio.