Who are jewelry influencers?

The industry of diamond and jewelry is high value business and can only continue to evolve if designers, makers, sellers, customers and fans stick together and by that, we mean through joint efforts of everyone in the link. About 92% of consumers have made purchase after reviewing about the product on blog, Instagram and YouTube. While 62% of consumers admit that they purchase jewelry if someone they respect on social media recommends the product. Top jewelry influencers are on social media and digital platforms where they are actively followed by other brands, designers, traders. Brands who want to reach wider consumer have realized to use top jewelry influencers as their marketing tool. The jewelry business is expensive especially high-end luxury items and customers take considerable time in deciding their purchase, this is where jewelry influencers enable to capture, inspire, cultivate and educate customers.

How to boost your brand with the help of jewelry influencers?

Industry has realized social media is the most effective form of communication. About 81% of influencer marketers suggest for extensive use of influencer marketing campaigns to stand out from the crowd and vouch that rewards are endless such as the following

Effective promotion– Sample products are sent to jewelry influencers, who in turn on social media write positive review enabling in effective and positive promotion of the product.

Paid or sponsored promotion – As the name indicates influencers are paid to talk about the jewelry brand and brand will closely work to create sponsored content before sharing with larger audience.

Brand Visibility – Connecting with influencer’s means reaching new audience. Brand this way can also penetrate to niche audience.

Trust–Now, when followers of influencers have kept their trust it means the review they give has automatic seal of approval and so brands that associate has opportunity to increase its trustworthiness and authority.

Cost effective–Influencers spend years to build an audience that trusts, when a brand sends a product for review all they are bearing is cost of the product and delivery costs but return on investment is manifold. Influencers have power to convert review to sales.

Jewelry influencers such as Joanne Hardy, Francois curiel and Jessica Diamond have strong following on social media. While in the jewelry blogging few names are Kateryna muravyona specialize in high jewelry, Danielle focuses on antique pieces, Liza specializes on fashion jewelry, Margo Raffaelli emphasizes on precious gemstones and Maria Doulton posts news from across the industry. To sum up, undoubtedly top jewelry influencers play critical role in the online success of jewelry industry.